Current Parochial Church Council Members

Revd. Canon Brian Hurst (Chairman)
Revd. Prof. Pauline Pearson – ex-officio

Church Wardens
Mrs. Louise Chapman – 2018-21
Mr. Michael de la Hunt – 2017-20

Mrs. Joan Grenfell ex-officio

Mrs. Caroline Field in attendance

Miss Catherine Laidlaw in attendance

Deanery Synod
Ms. Izzy McDonald Booth – ex officio (General Synod)
Dr. Sue Vernon 2017 – 20
Miss Lucy Norris 2017 – 20
Mrs Rosemary Waters 2017 – 20

Elected Members

Mr Murray Waldron 2016-2019
Mrs Barbara Johnson 2017-2020
Mrs Nicola Nicholson 2017-2020
Mrs Kay Plumley 2017-2020
Mrs Lisa Young 2017-2020
Mr Bill Apedaile 2018-2021
Dr Alison Mattinson 2018-2021
Mrs Enid Pearson 2018-2021
Mr Cyril Winskell 2018-2021

With the exception of ex-officio members, all members of the PCC are elected at the Annual Parochial Church Council meeting in April and usually serve for 3 years, with approximately a third changing over each year. If you wish to join the Electoral roll click here to access an application form and privacy policy.