Hall and Church Hire

Both the church and the church hall are available to hire for various events. Conveniently located off Osborne Road, we have parking space for approximately 24 vehicles, and there is relatively unrestricted parking on nearby Lindisfarne Road. The Q3 bus stops on the edge of the green in front of church (SE bound) and by the junction with Sanderson Road (NW bound) only a minute walk from church. We are also only 10 minutes walk from West Jesmond metro station.

We have plans to redevelop the church hall but at present the main hall, Winskell Room, Middleton Room, and kitchen are available to hire independently or as a whole. To view the plans for the proposed redevelopment, please see the Future Plans page. See below for information on hiring the rooms as they are currently.

With all rooms, you are welcome to use the furniture from other rooms if you need it. Please return everything to where you found it before you leave. Please contact the parish office (0191 281 1659 / office@stgeorgesjesmond.org.uk) for more information on availability and costs.

Main Hall

The main hall measures 13m x 10.7m, has a wooden floor, adjoins the Winskell and Middleton Rooms and has access to the kitchen via a serving hatch. The maximum capacity is approximately 100 and it is suitable for exercise and dance classes, Tai Chi, Scouts groups, ceilidhs, parties, children’s art classes, tutoring, children’s football, dinners, and performances. There are around 100 chairs stacked around the edge of the hall, along with 10 rectangle tables (120x60cm and 70cm high) and 20 square tables (60x60cm and 70cm high).

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Winskell Room

The Winskell Room measures 5.7m x 6.9m, is carpeted, has access to the kitchen and main hall, its own toilet, and a separate external entrance. The maximum capacity is approximately 35 and it is suitable for meetings, cafés/coffee mornings, support or discussion groups, and art classes. There are 30 chairs, 4 rectangle tables (120cm x 60cm and 70cm high), and 6 square tables (60cm x 60cm and 70cm high).

Middleton Room

The Middleton Room adjoins the main hall. It measures 6.3m x 6.6m, is mostly carpeted, and has a sink. The maximum capacity is approximately 35 and it is suitable for children’s and toddlers activities, art classes, smaller singing/music groups, or as a cloakroom/additional room in conjunction with the main hall. It is only accessible via the main hall and has no direct access to the kitchen. As well as having extra chairs, it has 30 small chairs, 7 lower rectangle tables (110cm x 55cm and 55cm high), and 3 half-hexagon tables (118cm x 55cm and 55cm high).


The kitchen adjoins the main hall and Winskell Room and is well equipped with a range style cooker, fridge freezer, microwave, hot water urn, kettle, 3 sinks, dishwasher, and hot cupboard/plate warmer. We have a decent number (exact count to follow…) of plates (large and small), bowls, cups & saucers, and cutlery that hirers are welcome to use. We also have jugs and teapots that you can use, but the hirer needs to supply everything else (including washing up things).