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The Eighth Sunday after Trinity

Sunday 7th August

This week’s notice sheet

Click the closed captions / subtitle icon button on each video to view subtitles/closed captions.


Please note that you can only watch the service here while it is being broadcast live. If you’d like to watch the recording after the service has finished, please go to our YouTube channel (it may take a couple of hours after the stream has finished for the video to appear).

Below we have created a ‘Prayer Request Form’

If there is a person, situation or event that you would like prayer for then do complete the form below.

You do not have to submit your name if you’d like to remain anonymous.

The Daily Offices (Morning and Evening Prayer) are still said by the ministry team each day, any requests for prayer will be gladly received and prayed for at this time.

When you submit a prayer request it will go directly to the Parish Office and will then be forwarded onto the Ministry Team.

If you would like to get in touch with a member of the Ministry Team personally then contact details can be found here.

Prayer Request Form

14 + 12 =

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