The first Sunday in What? ‘Advent’ means an important arrival. What could be more important than God entering into our lives in his Son, Jesus Christ? This is, of course, what we celebrate at Christmas. The period leading up to Christmas is known as Advent, traditionally a time of preparation. Many families open a door in their Advent Calendar each day between now and Christmas Day; at church we light a new red candle on each of the four Sundays in Advent, a white one being lit on Christmas Day. You can find out more about these traditions at

The first Sunday in Advent is also recognized as the beginning of the church’s year, so we have a double celebration. As with any celebration, we make preparations. There are the formal preparations for decorating the church, music, carol services and so on. Click here for the plans at St George’s for the Advent period.

But we must not be so busy with the details of these that we forget the purpose of our celebrations. So here’s a prayer to help us:

Dear Lord, in the pre-Christmas rush, may we make time to reflect on the love you have shown for us through the coming of your Son to share our earthly life with all its joys and all its pains. May our lives reflect his example and may our worship express our gratitude. Amen.